Monday, November 14, 2016

TCMC 2nd Session Technology of Participation Nov 13 - Naming the contradictions, blocks, the shadows

Here is Kellie setting up the space at TCMC yesterday, with handouts summarizing the first session and the 9 areas of "What Do We Need To Sustain Momentum, Energize and Engage New Members and Grow the TCMC Over the Next 3- 5 Years?

Summary overview of our vision on the left and the process for today, the Underlying Contradictions (AKA Shadows) that get in the way of TCMC achieving our vision in the next 3 - 5 years  -
Kellie coaches us to name the blockages, what is repressed denied or hidden --
Jim Lovestar, John Hesch, Andy Mickel and Norm Petrick working together to write blockages in the 9 areas, to get clear on our organizational shadow, that prevents us from moving forward -
 Coaching tool of how to discover the blockages to write a clear description to put up on the board, in 7- 9 words or less ---

Eight areas of blockage as supported through Karla and Kellie  - with two columns of 6 complete by 6 PM after 4 hours of work -  The light green papers just 'hold the space" he two darker green have a summary of a block - Management Style (4) "Working Board focuses on day to day actions, preventing long term action " Communication Style (7)  "Failure to communicate the vision, mission and value to other people on an everyday basis "   We were given homework for the last 6 columns in teams - Joe Andy and Tom taking "Space" and "Defeated before Start" Two other teams stepped up for the other 4 columns -
Men who came to participate include :Dan Gorbunow, Wally Swan, Bill Baldwin, Scott Benson, Jim Lovestar, Jamie Wellik, John Hesch, Andy Mickel, Norm Petrick, Joe Szurszewski, Jerry Buchmeier & Tom Weaver