Sunday, October 2, 2016

TCMC Board Retreat -ToP Technology of Participation Method Oct 1 2016

 Here is the BIG AGENDA - Handout provided by our facilitators Kellie and Karla of Hill & Company

Overview of the day, and the 4 phases of the day with processes provided by ToP facilitators  
Beginning of Wall Of Wonder, Timeline of Global National and TCMC issues around 10 AM Kellie, Karla and Joe S

Chris D posting to the Wall of Wonder, supported by Kellie and Karla in the morning session
 Linda? who is supporting Kellie and Karla with the ipad to take a photo, around noon and lunchtime with a more or less completed Wall of Wonder

Harry G and Norm P with the 9 areas of the Practical Vision we manifested as a group - Good work men! 
 End of the day, around 3:15 PM prior to clean up with Bill he UU Custodian - Here are John Hesch,  Tom Weaver, Harry Greenberg, Joe Szurszewski, Norm Petrik, Damon Starks, Malik Holt, Andy Mickel, Bill Baldwin and Herb Jaehne (sp) Not in photo, Jamie Wellik, Chris Durant

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